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Q: When specifying a quote in another program, I forgot to declare the job as a book, not flat.  I had to start all over.  How does Estimator(tm) handle this?

A: On each part detail there is an option control labeled Stripping Format.  It has two radio buttons; “Book” and “Units”.  You may select either at any time and the quote will automatically be recalculated, in seconds.

Q: In my current estimating program I have to specify a press.  If I make a mistake and select the wrong press, I have to go back and re do the entire quote again. Does Estimator(tm) deal with this differently?

A: With Estimator(tm) you can change any spec at any time without starting over.  The business rule enforcement engine and the Calc Engine are called automatically after each parameter change, so you don’t have to.  If you change press size, the job is recalculated in accordance with the new press parameters and in seconds you will have the results, presented in the optimized stripping formats figuring out the best way to run the job. 

Q: We print mostly books in 4 colors with bleed.  Do I have to set these parameters on each quote?

A: No.  Estimator(tm) features a general defaults file in which you may set preferences such as default press, default prep source, default bindery, and many other parameters that are common to your particular plant.  Note also that the entire set up process will take less than an hour for a mid size commercial printer with 4 presses and two bindery and prep sources.  Once setup is complete, you’re done.  Unless those lookup parameters change, you set them once and forget them.  Estimator(tm) will remember what you told it and will deliver the right data, on time, every time.  Of course, you can always override these settings (depending on your user access level) for special cases.


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